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Rei-chan, a modern female college student with black hair, short bob, and a constant smile. Absolutely a fun type for her. Even so, why is it that "I have no friends at all …, my boyfriend? No. I'm looking for. I'm lonely …" (laughs) "After club activities, I licked them when there were no people (laughs). It's embarrassing … " Did I just lick it (laughs)? Even though I'm still a teenager, I can feel the feeling of having a lot of libido. When I asked for the challenge of "15 minutes cunnilingus for 1 million yen!", He said "What? Cunnilingus … (laughs)", but he was OK with his good taste and positive spirit. I was very excited to see him being licked across the face of an uncle actor. "Yada full view …" "Licking up to the ass …", the slender lower body is already jerky with the uncle's tongue technique. In addition, the chestnut skin is peeled off and it is licked by Derodero and the tongue is screwed into the vagina hole. "I can't stand when I'm wet." Challenge failed! OUT! Immediately Saddle as promised! In front of the vibs toy and ●● fellatio training female fell. Let me beg for a raw cock and stab it with a seeding squirrel! In addition, the slender body is backed up and horny bare. To Obaka with ahegao white eyes that rubs raw cock at the woman on top posture. It is intense many times with missionary demon piss. I can't afford to laugh anymore because I'm covered with sperm with vaginal cum shot and facial cumshots! … See all

Genre: Full HD (FHD), delivery only, amateur, creampie, pick-up, squirting

メーカー: 素人参加バライエティ
収録時間: 64 minutes
品番: 444KING-037
配信開始日: 16-06-2021
レーベル: 素人参加バラエティ
ジャンル: フルハイビジョン(FHD), 配信専用, 素人, 中出し, ナンパ, 潮吹き

黒髪、ショートボブ、笑顔が絶えずテンション高めの今どき女子大生のれいれいちゃん。絶対彼女だったら楽しいタイプ。それなのに、「全然友達いなくて…、彼氏? いない。募集中。寂しい…」だなんてどうしてでしょう(笑)「部活終わったあと、人がいないとこで舐めてあげたりしてました(笑) 恥ずかしい…」と下ネタ全開。舐めるだけで済んだんでしょうか(笑)。まだティーンなのにめちゃめちゃ性欲溜まってる感がビンビン伝わってきてイイ。「15分クンニガマンしたら100万円!」のチャレンジを打診すると「えっ?クンニって…(笑)」と言いつつ、持ち前のノリの良さとポジティブ精神でOKいただきました。おじさん男優の顔にまたがり舐められてるところを見て大興奮。「やだ丸見え…」「やだお尻まで舐めてる…」、とおじさんの舌技にスレンダーな下半身はもうガクガク。さらにクリの皮を剥かれデロデロに舐められ膣穴に舌を捻じこまれ「あっ、そこそこッ」「あっ、イクッ」と涎垂らして潮びしゃびしゃ。「濡れちゃったもうだめぇ~。立っていられない」と潮大噴出! チャレンジ失敗!OUT!お約束どおりデカマラ即ハメ! の前にバイブと●●フェラで調教メス堕ち。生チンポ懇願させて種付けハメガン突き! さらにスレンダーな身体をバックでズボズボでド淫乱丸出し。騎乗位で生チンポ擦りまくりのアヘ顔白目でオバカさんに。正常位鬼ピスで何度も激イキ。中出しと顔射で精子にまみれてもう笑う余裕もなくなっちゃいました!


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