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Watch XXX Japanese Porn - ABW-258 The ultimate in-house affair that continues to be pressed many times by juniors who make reverse NTR men go crazy.


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Prestige exclusive actress "Airi Suzumura" reverse NTR with a sweet temptation to her married boss! Airi Suzumura, a junior, was waiting for the man who came back from his honeymoon. The temptation of the angry waves of a beautiful junior who stares at a man with a mysterious look begins! An office with nobody working overtime, whispering sweet words and grabbing a ginginchi 〇 port without a blowjob! Inviting a drunken boss to his house at a company drinking party and playing with no panties and no bra ♪ I can not resist the tight young body, and the man who is dominated by sexual desire piles up as it is! Desire explodes at a hotel on a business trip! We devour each other's genitals, roll up with a demon piston, and get hooked on affair sex all night! The ultimate conflict situation where a beautiful junior office lady is pressed every night and forgets his wife and drowns in reverse NTR sex!
Genre: Affair actress facial cumshot cuckold

出演: 鈴村 あいり 
収録時間: 140min
発売日: 2022/07/22
メーカー名: プレステージ
品番: ABW-258
ジャンル: 不倫 女優 顔射 寝取られ
シリーズ: 逆NTR
メディア: DVD

プレステージ専属女優『鈴村 あいり』が既婚者上司を甘い誘惑で逆NTR!新婚旅行から帰ってきた男を待っていたのは後輩・鈴村あいり。妖しげな視線で男を見つめる美人後輩の怒涛の誘惑が始まる!残業中の誰もいないオフィス、甘い言葉を囁いてギンギンチ〇ポに貪りついてフェラ抜き!会社の飲み会で泥酔した上司を自宅に招き入れ、ノーパンノーブラで翻弄♪引き締まった若い身体に抵抗する事も出来ず、性欲に支配された男はされるがままに身体を重ねる!出張先のホテルでは欲求が爆発!互いの性器を貪り合い、鬼ピストンでハメまくり、夜通し不倫セックスにハマっていく!美人後輩OLに連日連夜迫られ、妻を忘れて逆NTRセックスに溺れていく究極葛藤シチュエーション!

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