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Mako, a female patient who has been in the hospital for a long time, complained of sudden abdominal pain, so she decided to call her to the doctor's office for an examination. As a result of palpation, the stool was hard in the intestine, but constipation was 2 days, so I tried natural defecation by anal massage instead of enema. While opening the anus with an anoscopy and checking the condition inside the rectum, wash the inner wall of the rectum with a cotton ball to encourage stool. Resident Yagami, who can diagnose the health condition of stool by taste, puts the stool mass excreted in the simple toilet bowl in his mouth in front of his eyes. Mako who makes her eyes round to the astonishing sight. Yagami also encouraged her to chew her stool. Disinfect the genitals and anus of the genitals while waiting for the excrement test results. When the female genitals are thoroughly washed with a cotton ball, highly viscous body fluid overflows from the vagina of the mako one after another. Insert the finger into the vagina as it is and examine the condition of the vagina. At the same time, Yagami inserts a finger into the anus and performs a rectal pelvic examination, and Mako cannot suppress the sexual reaction during the two-hole simultaneous pelvic examination. Expansion devices are inserted one after another, and the anus of Mako is surely expanded. The number of fingers of the nurse inserted into the anus increases, and eventually it is expanded so that the rectum is agitated with both hands. Mako, who was seated on the gynecological examination table with her legs open, decided to continue undergoing anal dilation. The hands of a nurse wearing long gloves expand the anus beyond the limits of the mako. When the nurse's wrist is sucked into the rectum, the dilation is temporarily terminated and the intestine is washed. Fill 1000cc of Illigator with lukewarm water and inject it into the rectum using the pressure due to the height difference. The anus expanded with a fist cannot suppress the force to excrete, and even during the injection, it leaks from the anus with intense flatulence. By repeating this multiple times, a large amount of fecal impaction was excreted from the body of the mako.
Genre: HDTV Anal Scat Shame Hospital / Clinic Cusco Restraint Defecation Solowork Enema

ジャンル: ハイビジョン  アナル  スカトロ  羞恥  病院・クリニック  クスコ  拘束  脱糞  単体作品  浣腸
品番: h_019aczd00002

長期入院中の女性患者・まこが急な腹痛を訴えたので、診察室に呼び出して検査をすることになった。触診の結果、便が腸内で硬くなっていたが便秘は2日とのことなので、浣腸ではなく肛門マッサージによる自然な排便を試みる。肛門鏡でアナルを開き直腸内の状態を確認しながら、綿球で直腸内壁を洗浄しつつ便意を促していく。便の健康状態を味覚で診断できる研修医・八神は、簡易便器に排泄させた便塊を、まこの眼前で口に含んでしまう。驚愕の光景に目を丸くするまこ。彼女に対しても、八神は大便を咀嚼するように促すのだった。 排泄物の検査結果を待つ間に、まこの性器と肛門の消毒を行う。綿球を使って女性器を念入りに洗浄すると、まこの膣内から粘度の高い体液が次々と溢れ出す。そのまま指を膣内に挿入し、膣の状態を内診する。並行して八神による肛門への指挿入・直腸内診が行われ、二穴同時内診にまこは性的反応を抑えられなくなってしまう。拡張用の器具が続々と挿入され、まこのアヌスは確実に拡げられていく。肛門に挿入されるナースの指は増えていき、最終的には両手で直腸を掻き回されるように拡張されてしまう。 婦人科内診台に開脚で座らされたまこは、引き続き肛門の拡張施術を受けることに。ロンググローブを着用したナースの手が、まこの限界を越えてアヌスを拡げていく。ナースの手首が直腸内に吸いこまれた段階で拡張を一旦終了し、腸洗浄に移る。1000ccのイルリガートルを微温湯で満たし、高低差による圧を利用し直腸に注入していく。拳で拡げられた肛門は排泄しようとする力を抑えられず、注入の途中でも激しい放屁を伴いながら肛門から漏れ出してしまう。これを複数回繰り返すことで、まこの体内から大量の宿便が排泄された。

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