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Watch Jav Online 日本AV Mikio Okuda Mrs. Misuzu President of Orthopedic Surgery. She grew up being raised from the surroundings, she began to look down on humans other than herself, and Yamazaki, the servant, also endured the harassment from Misuzu. However, at a certain time, Yamazaki finally exceeded the limit of patience …奥田美容整形外科の社長夫人・美鈴。周囲から持てはやされて育った彼女は、自分以外の人間を見下すようになり、使用人の山崎も、美鈴からの嫌がらせに耐えていた。しかしある時、山崎は遂に我慢の限界を超えてしまい…

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