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Best AV Actress 2020 – Sky Perfect Adult Broadcast Awards

スカパー!アダルト放送大賞 – 女優賞 2020

Sky Perfect! Adult Broadcast Awards 2020 nomination has begun. This year’s nominees are

Kizuna Sakura (佐倉絆)
Reika Hashimoto (橋本れいか)
Hikaru Konno (紺野ひかる)
Rena Aoi (あおいれな)
Yuna Ogura (小倉由菜)

The winner will be decided by popular votes by audiences from December 1, 2019 ~ January 31, 2020.

List of Best Actress Nominees


“Cute and funny !!” Kizuna has been running as a million exclusive actress since her debut with her one and only character loved by everyone. Nominated as a representative of KMP channel!

Everyone’s “Reika-sensei” entered the actress award as a rainbow channel representative!
Formerly a nursery teacher, Reika Hashimoto is famous for her beautiful bottom and amazing squirting techniques.
Give it to all ass lovers! Reika is this year’s hot favorite.

Even though Hikaru Konno has a baby face, she has the most beautiful legs that stretch from a height of 165 cm. The shape of her breasts and the impact of her big eyes are impressive! Often plays the role of sister and young wife, she is also good at cosplay! And most of all, she is very aggressive in sex!

This year VENUS is nominating the strongest representative, Rena Aoi to the best actress prize. Rena Aoi debuted in 2015 and has been popular and starred in hundreds of AV titlte since then.

It’s been two years since Yuna Ogura made her debut with an innocent face and an innocent smile. Currently, she is not only popular in AV but also popular in media such as variety, apparel, Youtube etc. Our girl’s next door is also “the most horny” little devil in SOD!

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