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Watch Jav Online JAV스트리밍 I have a girlfriend dating since high school. He stayed abandoning me of the Ronin student. That day that I promised to get married in the future by giving her a part-time job and saving her a ring. She went out to a circle drinking party. I believed that there was nothing wrong, but the picture that was sent to her who got home drunk was turned around by men, and there was a figure that was covered with cummed facial sperm ….僕には高校時代から付き合っている彼女が居ます。浪人生の僕を見捨てずに居てくれました。そんな彼女にアルバイト代を貯めて指輪をプレゼントして将来結婚しようと約束したその日。彼女はサークルの飲み会に出かけて行きました。何事もないと信じていましたが酔っぱらって帰ってきた彼女に送られきた写真には男達に廻され、イキ狂い顔面精子まみれになっている姿が映っていました…。

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