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Watch Jav Online At a private kindergarten where my daughter goes, I decide the officials of the “Parents’ Association” by voting …. Every mother seems to be busy, it seems that my wife who happened to be a housewife occasionally served as an officer. Prepare for the athletic meet We were wondering if my husband’s wife was acting in a fun way with Nandakanda, if it was arranged for a game of playful party … … The circumstances began to change suddenly from a neighborhood where a middle-aged “principal of the principal” was seen in our house one day…娘が通う私立幼稚園の方で、「保護者会」の役員を投票で決めるとかで…。どこのママも忙しいらしく、たまたま専業主婦をしていたウチの妻が、渋々ながらも役員を務める事になったらしいのです。やれ運動会の準備だやれお遊戯会の手配だと、ナンダカンダで楽しそうに慌ただしくやっている妻の事を、夫の私は微笑ましく見守っていたのですが…。ある日我が家に中年の「園長先生」がお見えになられた辺りから、事態は急変し始めて…。

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