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美人元CAの淫らな手ほどき 冨永ののか34歳×年下素人3名 経験少ない年下男子をおもてなし!

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KANBi exclusive actress "Nonoka Tominaga" entertains younger boys indecently! The first person is Mr. S, a herbivore office worker! Induce Mr. S to touch the chest first! In addition, she teaches hand man and cunnilingus, and when she knocks, she straddles Ji Po and is cowgirl! The second person is Mr. H, a part-timer who has very few experience and is almost a virgin! After raising the mood with a kiss, Bing the cock with a blowjob! Practice to fulfill Mr. H's dream standing back and share the pleasure with each other! The third person is Mr. S, a chef who has sex for the first time in a year! Lead Mr. S while showing an adult's margin, and perform intense SEX while embracing each other! A Former Beauty CA Guides 3 Younger Boys To A Pleasure Journey With The Ultimate Introductory Intercourse! This product is subject to the "price guarantee for reserved products". Please check this out for details.
Genre: AV Actress Mature Woman Shaved Solowork Blow Sample Video

発売日: 2023/01/27
収録時間: 130分
監督: マサルパンサー
シリーズ: —-
メーカー: KANBi
レーベル: KANBi
ジャンル: AV女優 熟女 パイパン 単体作品 フェラ サンプル動画
品番: h_1712kbi097

KANBi専属女優『冨永 ののか』が年下男子を淫らにおもてなし!1人目は草食系サラリーマンSさん!奥手のSさんには最初に胸を触るように誘導!さらに手マンとクンニを教え込み、ノッてきたところでチ○ポに跨り騎乗位!2人目は経験人数が極端に少なくほぼ童貞のフリーターHさん!キスで気分を高まらせた後にフェラでチ○ポをビンビンに!Hさんの夢である立ちバックを叶えるために実践し、お互いに快楽を分かちあう!3人目はSEXが1年ぶりという料理人Sさん!大人の余裕を見せながらSさんをリードし、抱きしめ合いながら激しいSEXを行う!元美人CAが究極の手ほどき性交で年下男子3人を快楽の旅へご案内!

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