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新田さん モザイク破壊版 無修正

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#Personal Trainer Today’s student is Mr. Nitta who came to experience the shape-up.It is a plump big tits of fair skin in a neat and clean young lady.”Do you have any experience doing exercise?””It’s not at all.and jim?”It’s the first time.”Let the perfect prey dance their breasts and have them change into rental wear right away.Training wear that highlights the lines of the body.Mr. Nitta cares about the transparency of the white pita pants.”Do you have sports inner pants or something?””I didn’t bring it.The size seems to be small….”There is no size today, so please do it with this.”Start with a light stretch.Sit on the mat and make your legs open and exercise flexibly.The body is quite soft but the F cup is more worried about big tits.Lie on your back, fold your legs, and stretch your back thighs and hip joints.Light blue panties that can be seen through.Follow with your hands while touching your buttocks.straighten and stretch your thighs.The man muscle that was plump is really nasty.”Then, I will gently train the trunk of the whole body.”Balance training using the waist to sit on the balance ball.It is a spectacle like a big ass having cowgirl sex.”Let’s squat next.”Put your arms behind your head, bend your knees and stick your buttocks out.Mr. Nitta of the painful expression in air tight ●.The whole body gradually sweats.”I, it’s tight.”My muscles are getting crunchy, so it’s another push,” he said.If you put it on the mat and put it on the abdominal muscles, you can reach the limit as early as 3 times.”Well, let’s support it.””Please.”Straddle over your body and pull your hand so that your face hits your crotch.Mr. Nitta turns away with a troubled face.”Hey, it’s close.”Hahaha, is it close, but this is the most efficient.”I try to put my face on my crotch many times persistently, I always get excited about this.”The next trunk training involves lying down, holding your arms and raising your hips.”My thighs and abs are twitching.”This is also tight~.”Well, I will assist you.”I hold a well-shaped butt and touch my big tits while supporting my stomach.”Ah, there is ….”Yes, let’s do our best for 10 seconds!”Let me sit on the mat and check my muscle performance from the back.I touch it with my hand to the thigh as if stroking it from the shoulder.”It’s pumping up a lot.”From the inner thigh side, pinch the meat so as to rub the side of the breast, rub up the soft big tits with grab by no good push.”What, is there?”It’s better to untie it.”Let me raise my arms and rub my big tits while stimulating my nipples.”Oh, that’s it….””When I roll up my bra, a beautiful breast pops out.”Eh!chot, what is this?”This is also in the experience course, so keep your arms up!”When I rub the soft big tits, I suck the nipples of the beautiful areola.”Well, if someone comes….”It’s a completely two-person course, so it’s okay.”Draw a cute face and entangle the tongue with a thick kiss.”I will also loosen the buttocks.”I crawl on all fours and rub my plump ass and take off my pita bread.”It’s a bit embarrassing.””It’s okay.Because aftercare is also perfect.”I shift the panty that I ate, and I rub the ass meat as if I spread the anal, and open it.Take off the pita pan and open the crotch with both hands and finger Ma ● Co.”Oh, my finger is inserted ….Nitta-san is squirting sweat from the whole body and writhing when it is loosened by cunnilingus to suck on Ma ● Co.”Oh no, I’m not.”Let’s train the facial muscles.”Let you kneel and shake the waist to add the Chi ● po of bin erection.It is a pleasant mouth that is firmly attached.”Let’s do the abdominal muscles that I just mentioned.”Sit-up blow to keep the Chi ● po when you raise your hand.I pull my hand and blame the back of my throat.”Well, well, well ….”Let it lie down as it is, take off the panty, let it M-shaped leg.”Please keep it open.”To the Ma ● co of null null, insert the Chi ● Po at the missionary position.”Wait a moment, I’m inserting, ah ah.”My leg is closed, please open it.”When I push a good firm Ma ● Co violently, I will cramp the abdominal muscles.As it is, I hold it and make a thick velokis and shake the waist in cowgirl sex.”It’s good, did you do well here?””Oh, I didn’t.”To the pleasant Ma ● Co that comes to pile up with M-shaped legs, I thrust violently from the bottom.”Please also back and forth the hips.”Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.”Let’s stick our ass out and push it in.”Insert the Chi ● po from the back and push it!””Oh, no, that!”I put my hand on the balance ball and blame the back of the Ma ● co in the standing back” is also useless anymore.”Let’s sit in a chair and move ourselves.”Shake the waist in the back sitting position sex while rubbing the shaking rocket tits.The finish is missionary sex.It pokes with high-speed piston movement.”Oh, Iku.”Customers, I will inject my protein into the finish and I will live.”Protein?”Violently shake the waist, to inject sperm in vaginal cum shot to Ma ● co to convulsions.”This is the end of the experience course.We will be waiting for you again.””Is, yes.”In this way, Nitta became a repeat of the seeding training.

Genre: Full HD (FHD), delivery only, amateur, neat, big tits, Gym clothes, Bloomers, Creampie

メーカー: 素人ギャラリー
収録時間: 49 minutes
品番: 739PSTL-018
配信開始日: 18-01-2024
ジャンル: フルハイビジョン(FHD), 配信専用, 素人, 清楚, 巨乳, 体操着・ブルマ, 中出し


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