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Hoshide - 星出 ( Codamite - コダマイト )

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Hoshide 星出 (Codamite コダマイト) has always been a member of the “Ugly Men’s Army” in the AV industry. Before landing on S1 and being “loved” by those first-line actresses, he was already a frequent visitor to other studios’ “キモメン (Disgusting Man)” projects.

Hoshide joined the AV industry when he was 35 years old.

He is completely different from Taku Yoshimura, who is perverted in his expressions and actions, Hoshide looked “disgusting” and “dirty” by his ugly appearance alone.

Hoshide has twitter and blog, and often shared about his experience in AV industry:

For example, he share that he earns only baout 5000 yen (About 45 USD) for an uncensored AV, and occasionally he don’t even get the money; the worst thing is that he sometimes received threatening messages on his blog~

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