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Jack Amano - ジャック天野

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Jack Amano


Nakamura - 中村
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A detailed profile such as date of birth and birthplace has not been revealed, but Jack Amano (Jaku Amano) is an AV actor who has been active since around 2005.

Known as a middle-aged Kimomen actor, many phrases such as “Kimoman”, “Homeless”, “Kimomen”, and “Kimooyaji” can be found in the titles of his works. He often appears on molester trains.

He wears glasses with a large frame, has missing front teeth, and has a stubble. The appearance without a sense of cleanliness is impressive.

His appearance of licking his fingers slowly has gained a reputation as “too disgusting”.

Representative works in recent years include “Love ◆ Kimomen Ogawa Rio Eswan Number One Style” (2015) starring Rio Ogawa and “Kimo Otoko Dameshi” (2015) starring Saki Ninomiya.

In “Kimo Otoko Dameshi”, the rich sex with Saki Ninomiya became a hot topic. Starting with a blowjob, kissing, armpit licking, navel licking, and even anal licking, all over the body was licked, and many people were envious.

He was honored in 2016 AV Open – Nampa JAPAN (Variety Division) along with Infinity K.

He had lost a lot of weight in recent years as he aged.

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