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Taku Yoshimura - 吉村卓

Taku Yoshimura


23-07-1970 (52 years old)
Tokorozawa City , Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Birth Country
Astro Sign
Blood Type
168 cm ( average )

Taku Yoshimura (born July 23, 1970) is a Japanese AV Male Veteran Pornstar. Height 168cm, weight 73kg, blood type AB type.

Taku often starred in Kinky Perverts Role and is most famous for his special sex techniques: facial and body licking and deep kissing.

Taku originated from Tokorozawa City , Saitama Prefecture, Japan. After graduation from Teikyo University’s Faculty of Literature, he worked as assistant director with AV company Dogma for 3 years. At that time, he sometimes starred in AV but only in fellatio scenes.

After resigning from Dogma, he turned freelance at the age of 25. Famous AV actor Takashi Kato encouraged him and he stayed at Kato’s house and worked for half a year.

His debut work as an AV actor is V & R planning ‘s  “Absurd After School Series ”. He initially hated to appear as an AV actor and rejected for two to three months, but was encouraged by director TOHJIRO .

In his youth, he often appeared as a student or boyfriend, but recently, he often appeared as a perverted teacher or a kinky role, and has become a “monster” in the AV world.

His special moves include “ADK2 Anal Drill Cunnilingus”, 49th position “Yoshimura”, Berochukiss, Nipple vacuum, Facial velocity Licking, Tantsubo Kiss and Super fast cunnilingus.

It was said that many AV female pornstars both love and hate to work with him. They loved it because he is a veteran and experienced, but they too hate it because he licks and kisses too much.

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