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Mr. Nishino challenged Mr. Gachi virgin to brush down! Virgin kuns selected from the application, SEX from the local dream of love love date! He cheerfully cheeks on Ji-Po who suddenly explodes, and devotedly shakes his waist to squeeze out sperm in a row! All 4 people have inserted! The first fucking show of Sho Nishino's life was also shown! *This is software for Blu-ray Disc only. Please note that it cannot be played on other players. About disc on demand product This product is manufactured on demand (BD-R) after receiving an order. Click here for details. On-demand products are products that have been copied with the manufacturer's permission. Therefore, the packaging and disc label are different from regular products. On-demand products may not be played back depending on the environment of the playback device you are using. *Please check the manufacturer's site of your device to see if it can be played. (Operation check information etc.) * Playback on game machines such as PlayStation and PCs is not guaranteed. The package images etc. displayed on the product page are usually product images. It is not an image of an on-demand product. Disc-on-demand products do not include product comments or the privilege DVD listed on the package. ■ Ordering and shipping This product will be shipped by Yu-Packet. Please note that we cannot accept specified times. It may take about a week from ordering to arrival. *If you order multiple disk-on-demand products at the same time, the items will be shipped by Japan Post. *If multiple orders are shipped at the same time, it may be bundled with regular Japan Post delivery. Cancellation is not possible due to customer's convenience within 3 hours after confirming the order.
Genre: Virgin Amateur Solowork Sample Movie Blu-ray Disc-on-Demand Travel Late 2010s (DOD)

発売日: 2019/11/21
収録時間: 228分
監督: アフロ高橋
シリーズ: —-
メーカー: SODクリエイト
レーベル: SOD star
ジャンル: 童貞 素人 単体作品 サンプル動画 Blu-ray(ブルーレイ) ディスクオンデマンド 旅行 2010年代後半(DOD)
品番: 1stars00159bod

西野さんがガチ童貞さんの筆おろしに挑戦!応募の中から選ばれた童貞くんたちの地元で夢のラブラブデートからのイチャイチャSEX!つい暴発してしまうチ○ポを嬉しそうに頬張り、献身的に腰を振りまくって精子を連続で絞り取ることも!4名全員挿入あり!西野翔の人生初のパイズリも披露!※こちらはBlu-ray Disc専用ソフトです。対応プレイヤー以外では再生できませんのでご注意ください。
この商品は、ご注文を受けてからオンデマンド(BD-R)で製造されています。詳しくは こちらオンデマンド商品とは、メーカー許諾を得てコピー作成された商品です。そのため、パッケージやディスクラベルは通常の商品とは異なります。

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