It is in the confrontation of the mountain in Nara prefecture ● ● Onsen The mixed bathing outdoor bath where anyone puts in is a secret but recently it spreads on the net and the word of mouth and it is also a hot spring boom and numerous hot spring customers come in. A case took place here! There are secrets that can not be said to anyone the fewest man who runs forestry locally. That “peeping” I was peeking at the ladies coming to this open-air bath! And the man goes beyond the line … … “coma medicine” I got the drug coming to a woman bathing passenger and coma ○ ○ ○!

奈良県の山奥の秘境にある●●温泉 誰でも入れる混浴露天風呂は秘境でありながら昨今、ネットや口コミで広がり温泉ブームともあって数多くの入湯客が訪れる。ここを舞台に事件は起こった!地元で林業を営む口数少ない男 誰にも言えない秘密があった。それは「覗き」この露天風呂に来る女性たちを覗いていたのだ!そして男は一線を超えてしまう…入手した「昏睡薬」この薬を女性入湯客に嗅がせ昏睡○○○していたのだ!