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Watch XXX Japanese Porn - TRP-036 – Tora Tora Platinum Vol.36 – The Queen’s Love Beauty -: Riko Tachibana

トラトラプラチナ Vol.36 - 女王様の愛のムチ - : 立花里子

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erection from the beginning is 10000% I’m excited! A licking & kissing storm! A storm of bad words! Saliva flood! Excellent style and best fuck! ! Exactly “Case” is too different The real 140-minute long full length overwhelmed by the erotic “real”! ! !

Well, we kept you waiting! Well, 2008 the most erotic work in the history of Japolno, number one work of attention, Queen AV Queen, Riko Tachibana, the first and last unincorporated shooting taking off Japortno work “Tratra Platinum Vol. 36 Queen’s love “Stoppers” full of appeared! ! That whole picture is finally revealed! !

Even in the actress ranking that I want to advance into uncensored overseas work such as male magazine questionnaire, “King of AV actress” finally selected as the top is Riko Tachibana. The desires of men in Japan finally became reality this year!

Riko Tachibana debuted in 2004. Height of 169 cm, beautiful breasts Kubire Niriri beautiful legs outstanding style over the model and, somewhat even older sister looks … and AV actress became a hot topic with an unexpectedly versatile character.

It is popular among fans in the name of lycopene, so even people who do not borrow AV are so popular that they know her name. By the way, her mother is 175 cm tall. A unique character full of charm of Lycopene seems to have received influence of mother probably.





お待たせしました! さぁ、2008年ジャポルノ史上最もエロい作品、注目度ナンバーワン作品、AV女王・立花里子、最初で最期の完全無修正撮り降ろしジャポルノ作品「トラトラプラチナ Vol.36 女王様の愛のムチ」満を持しての大登場!!その全貌が遂に明かされます!!

男性誌のアンケートなどで海外無修正作品に進出して欲しい女優ランキングでも、遂にトップに選ばれる「キング オブ AV女優」こと立花里子。日本中の男たちの願望が、今年、遂に現実のものとなりました!


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